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    my bad expeiences while jucing....

    my worst expierence ever... last year my first shot of sustanon ever... i was soo stupid... didnt know bout aspiration or bubbles in the syringe.. this guy at the gym always told me not to worry about bubbles or air.. what a fuckin retard he was... i withdrew the sus from the amp... there was bout 2 cc of air in it didnt care.. and the oil was all bubble didnt evenflick at it.. poked my thigh... didnt even aspirate ... 3 hours later... i thought i was gonna die... stayed with me for a damn week... couldnt do anything went to the hospital lol thinking im gonna have a heart attack or something. it was funny how it stuck with me for a damn week i will never forget this experience.. i was soo stupid.. didnt know anything. i stoped the use till i finally understood what i was doing.. no i wasnt too stupid to start with anti estrogens lol... well just thought id share my worst experience. IM BOREDDDDDDDD!!!!

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    lol,damn bro ,thst crucial !

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    pah pah... i was sitting in the theatre watching some horror movie dont remember what it is.. i thought i was gonna die... made me even more paranoid lool ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    For one thing you are the retard for not consulting other sources about proper usage.. You should never take one mans word without backing it up with other sources, especially about medical injections, unless of course it is a doctor or nurse.

    Lucky for you you did not inject that 2 ccs of air and juice directly into an artery or something otherwise you might not be here today.

    Not throwing flames on you, just stating my opinion

    Peace out

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