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    Ttokkyo Ten75 Question?

    Im getting ready to start cycle number 2 I found in the anabolic review 2002 book. I have all my juice bought, consisting of:
    350mg/wk of test enanthate
    300mg/wk of eq
    75mg eod of tren
    clomid and hcg to fallow

    The question I have is side effects of the tren? Balding is one I know about. At this dose how much should I worry about it? And what can I take to prevent the balding? Another one I have heard of is Acne. Is this one to worry about and if so how should i prevent that? Thanks for the support.

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    you can take any of the anti balding stuff (propecia, proscar, etc...) but fina doens't convert too DHT too much, i doubt its that big of a worry with the doses your taking, but with that eq and test along with the fina you might have some problems, better to be safe than sorry, although anti balding medications have been said to limit the usefullness of the AAS. nevertheless, the cycle looks good...other side affects you might want to think about and prepare for from the fina are kidney toxicity (cranberry juice, cranberry extract), increased agressiveness (control yourself, lol), and prolactin/progesterone induced gyno (maybe score some bromocriptine)...some of these are more common and less common, but its best to be prepared and safe, good luck bro

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