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    newbie to forum just some questions??

    Well quick summary on me, I have been lifting for most of my life (im 32 at the time) a week ago today I had never been on anything I have my bench at 470 and my mil press over 340. I just started a cycle of testerona4/l-a and decca 200. Im 5'6 and was 240 at begin of cycle. I weighed yesterday at gym and I have gained 12 pounds already but Im concerned because my face and hands seemed to have rounded out alot. I cant seem to find any chlomitid here and im just concerned. I would truly appreciate any comments/suggestions you guys may have. Sure there are alot of guys at the gym that do alot of cycles but I dont think they have researched and discussed it as much as you guys have. Thanks fellas

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    ...1st i'm no true veteran myself (only 2 cycles before) but the real vets are gonna say dont start till you have all your stuff incl' antis...i'm gonna assume you mean you dont have any clomid right??..if you just started you may wanna stop till you get some clomid cause you'll loose most of your gains after the cycle is over..the roundness in the face and hands is probaly due to water weight...but wait for a more educated answer from a true vet....

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    I would agree you have water weight gains and getting an anti-e such as a arimidex would help considerably with that problem. You need to find clomid for your post cycle recovery. At your age it gets harder to get HPTA function back quickly.

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