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    has anyone tried this?

    i have one cycle under my belt so far and was thinking about my next. just wanted to know if anyone has done a cycle with sust, eq, and winny? i saw a few people threw a little eq in with sust but not many. i was thinking maybe something like this:
    week 1-12 500mg sust
    week 1-12 400mg eq
    week 10-14 50mg winny tabs/day
    then of course clomid therapy to follow.

    should i run 500mg or 750mg of sust. remember this is only my second cycle. i ran test e and eq on my first cycle and got good gains. also should i inject sust eod or could i get by with doing it only on monday, and thursday? thanks for the advice.

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    Sust should be injected EOD or ED for optimal results. If you have only done one cycle you won't be requiring those dosages of sust yet. Replace the sust with 500mg/wk of cyp or enanthate . Rest of the cycle looks good.

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    sust sucks... over rated and expensive. Stick with the eth

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    I agree go with enth or cyp. Either that or just go with test prop and shoot that shit ED or EOD. If you don't mind frequent injects could run something like this:
    week 1-10 EQ 400mg
    week 1-10 test prop 150mg EOD or 75mg ED (ED is better IMO)
    week 1-4 winny 50mg ED

    I find that with test prop the biggest gains are weeks 1-4, after that they sort of decline, hence why I threw the winny with it at the same time. You could pack on lots of size early on and then just maintain, while gaining a little obviously, so when you come off it would be easy to keep. Sort of a different cycle, but it's one I am prob going to do next cycle. I love test prop

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    MDMA: nothing wrong with sust....very cheap were I am, about half the price of enth

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