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Thread: next?

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    Question next?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some good tips? I am thinking of startng another cycle, My last cycle consisted of d-bol, primo tabs, sten, plenty of protein, vitamins, andro ripped fuel and a half way decent diet. I put on a good 20lbs of mass. Unfortunatly, I slacked off on my workng out, diet and pretty much everythng else for the last year and now I am around 198lbs (17lbs lighter then last year), and way out of shape compared to then. I am also showing signs of gyno because I did not use any nolvadex at the end of the cycle.

    1st question is: Can i get rid of the gyno that is showing now?

    #2, Anyone have a good diet and supplement program I could use pre cycle, to get prepared.

    any advise could help

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    depends on if it is actually gyno, and if it is indeed whether its soft tissue or hard tissue growth, soft tissue is said to be taken care of it noticed quick enough before it becomes hard tissue, bump for #2

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