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Thread: Rx Question

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    Question Rx Question

    I am a student at Texas A&M Univ., and im about to start another Sust./Deca . cycle. I want to gain 20 lbs. (180-200), but i have a perscription to Adderall, which is an amphetamine that makes me concentrate and study and shit, but it also ups my metabolism and supresses my appetite. should i quit taking it or will it not effect me? Thanks for the info...peace

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    i know a few people who take adderall and train, but duringa bulking cycle, i hate to say it but its going to affect your gains probably by around 40-50%...not only does it supress appetite but amphetamines are used for weight loss also (the opposite of what your trying to achieve), i think your gains will be 10 fold if you do not take or at least take in moderation while trying to gain, to gain you need excess calories, and amphetamines are capable of robbing you of these many mg are you taking? how often? a friend of mine has an Rx for adderall and i take them during cutting cyles (makes me lose weight fairly well, i like the stuff personally, 15-30mg daily)...hope this helps a bit, any more questions just shoot, take care

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