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    Can you do this post cycle...?

    what if you do to doctor after your cycle and tell him you can not get it up and stay depressed all the time and have no evergy whatsoever... would he prescribe some HCG or any other recovery AS???

    by the way i am in Canada

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    I have heard some people going to see the doc post cycle to get HRT. Since their Test levels were below average (even though on purpose), they got it.

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    I've heard stories...

    The theory is: after your cycle is over and shortly before clomid therapy.. you go to the doc and complain of: Loss of energy, can't get it up, etc.. then show him your shrunk ballz and swear that you've never taken AS.

    He'll run a blood test and if you've timed it right, your test levels will be really low as your natural test production hasn't returned to normal. He/she MAY prescribe steroids at this point.

    I doubt this will work. The doc will probably want to try a few other things first along with multiple follow up blood tests. By the time they'd consider trying hormone replacement therapy (steroids) your natural test production would be back to normal.

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    Hey bro, he'd probably recommend HRT program. Maaan wouldnt it be nice for ur insurance to pay for test! Sounds good to me...


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