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    8 weeks and eq? possible?

    i have 8 weeks to do my cycle before spring break... i know this is goin to mess things up but i dont have a way to get the juice where im goin over break.. my question is it possible to run eq for 8 weeks if you front load it. i have all the eq for my cycle and i love the stuff would it be possible to do this and take all my stuff before i leave for break and then finsh up my cycle when i get back... if i could shoot everything before i leave and that not affect me i wouldnt need to front load.. i guess my question is would i be better off just goin 8 weeks with a front load or just doing the 10-12 week cycle and just shooting all the juice before i leave for break that way that way i still get the mgs i need..

    ive also thought about using some deca but i dont want the deca dick.. ive heard that if i counter it with test i would get the deca dick..
    is this true or untrue.

    22. 6'2 235lbs..... around 17%bf
    let me know what you boys think

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    I ran Eq for 8 weeks ONCE and I wouldn't do it again because it didn't really start kicking in until the end of week 5, and I did frontload it. I would go for 10 weeks minimum.
    I'm not telling you not to do it but personally I wouldn't go less then 8 weeks again.
    What else are u using w/ the Eq? Winny would be nice to add to this for 6 weeks..

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    Talk to my Lawyer
    Run it for 10-12 weeks. MBaraso knows what he's talking about. And Winny is a must for any spring break =)

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    i totally agree with you guys.... the thing is i wanted to give myself enough time off from my last cycle, which was about a month and a half ago... so that will only leave me with 9 weeks i think... depending on how much time is ok... would it be ok to start juicing soon or should i wait another month...
    if i can only run my cycle for 8 weeks before break what should i do... i can get almost anything so if yall can give me some different cycles
    thanks guys

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