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    My cycle (first one)


    Have been training for 2,5 years now. I am 5-11, 220 pounds, bf around 14. I Would like to go on my first cycle in january.

    This is what I have come up with so far.

    Week 1-4********dianabol 30 mg a day
    Week 1-10*******sustanon 500 mg a week
    Week 1-10*******deca 400 mg a week
    Week 9-13*******winstol inj 50 mg everyday
    Week 11-13*****primobolan 400 mg a week

    Clomid therapy post cycle, antie-e (nolvadex ) on hand.

    Give me your opinions please,


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    Oct 2002
    Isn't 13 weeks too long for a first cycle? Don't know for sure.

    I am running pretty much the same except the primo. And I start winstrol in week 8 and go thru week 11.

    Let's see some other opinions


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    you should run the sust longer, I would say atleast to week 11, but 12 would be better.

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    I would personally keep the sust the way it is now. It takes 3-4 weeks to clear the system and it needs to be cleared before starting clomid.

    For a first cycle, looks pretty good - well thought out.

    I hate dBol , so my only recommendation for this cycle is to replace the dBol with Test Prop at 75mg EOD for the first 4 weeks. Also, think about using some prop weeks 11-13 while waiting for the Sust and Deca to clear. Other than that, you good to go bro. Good luCk

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    Drop the primo, it takes 2 weeks to clear your system, unless it's the acetate ester. I'd go with a enan or cyp for test, sus will need to be injected at least eod, because of the prop.

    I think you're doing to much gear for your first cycle. You could go with a d-bol and test enan cycle.


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    I would drop the primo because it means you have to wait another 2 weeks before starting Clomid, remember primo depot uses an enanthate ester. And 3 weeks of primo isn't going to really make a massive difference to your cycle. I'd also say swap the sust for enanthate or cypionate but thats up to you.

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    I agree with Johnny and nj drop the primo it takes to long to clear and isn't much of a bonus in that cycle. Personally I would save the primo and winny for another cycle. Test/deca /dbol is plenty for a first cycle.

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    someone has been reading the educational threads, good job.. i agree with Rickson, Johnny and nj_ drop the primo..i did everything you are going to do on my first cycle except for the winny..tell us how it goes..i like the sust..if it was me i'd stick with the sust....Madmax...

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