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    silly question but need to ask

    if you are not injecting at the right spot exactly can the effiency of the gear be lost in any way .

    We were injecting a little low and a little too much toward the crack of the ass ( about right smack down the middlew of the ass )

    Thanks and sorry for the stupid question .We are in week 5 of deca and week 4 of test and nothing yet.Felt a little better in the gym today but this is the first time since the begining of the cycle


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    as long as your in the muscle your fine. Sounds like your pretty much in the right place though. Switch your injection sites up. Use your glutes,quads, and delts.
    Keep your cals up. And next time add d-bol to that cycle. That way you don't play the waiting game...

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    this spot seem OK, but try to stay away from the crack in the ass, cuz you sit all day and it will put pressure on the spot and could cause hardening.

    try shooting in the middle or towards the top of your cheeks, and for your results, stay calm, Deca takes 3 week on minimum and could take upto 6 weeks depending on individuals

    we see strength gains, but not necessarily physical gains to begin... stay calm, eat right, work out right with proper form (now you know u CAN), make sure you cut down on FAT and CARBS, or you will end up bloating or rounded muscles

    good luck

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