i have 8 weeks to do my cycle before spring break... i know this is goin to mess things up but i dont have a way to get the juice where im goin over break.. my question is it possible to run eq for 8 weeks if you front load it. i have all the eq for my cycle and i love the stuff would it be possible to do this and take all my stuff before i leave for break and then finsh up my cycle when i get back... if i could shoot everything before i leave and that not affect me i wouldnt need to front load.. i guess my question is would i be better off just goin 8 weeks with a front load or just doing the 10-12 week cycle and just shooting all the juice before i leave for break that way that way i still get the mgs i need..

ive also thought about using some deca but i dont want the deca dick.. ive heard that if i counter it with test i would get the deca dick..
is this true or untrue.

22. 6'2 235lbs..... around 17%bf
let me know what you boys think