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    Question Silly question about test production

    As I mentionned earlier, I had to interrupt my cycle within the first few weeks due to travel.

    It was to be a 4/8 week dbol /test e. cycle. I had to stop after week 2, but decided to go on with the dbol (what the heck it's cheap).

    As you might expect 500mg test e for 2 weeks + dbol 4wks was enough to shut me down, so when I finished I started clomid.

    What I want to know is what are the first signs of your test productions returning to normal?

    The reason I am asking is that since the end of my "cycle" I've had no sexual appetite at all, and today I woke up with quite impressive morning wood... you'd think I were a teen-ager again


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    That is a good sign. It is hard to tell when you get back up completely but obviously sexual arousal and testicular size back to normal are indicators.

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