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Thread: LFC products?

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    LFC products?

    Hey I saw on another board that there is a new lab called LFC. Supposedly they took over for Serano(spelling?) and are supposed to be really good. Everyone that posted seemed excited bout LFC since their main product is Tren . Has anyone heard or tried their products(probably not since they are pretty new from what I understand). Well just curious and if I find out anything else I'll post some more.

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    Plenty going on about it on other boards right now...there's lots of info on this company. I also don't think they took over for anyone...Spectro left the scene then LFC came out. That's the short version.


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    im on their deca and enanthate right now and it seems to be working very well, huge pumps, awsome gear. cant say enough

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    I'm using their eq right now, ill let you know how it is in a week or two.

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