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    How can I raiseTestosterone Level

    Lately, I've expressed concern to my doctor about fatigue. I had been falling asleep at work and have had a difficult time dragging myself to the gym. I have also gone without sex since August. (yikes!) I'm only 29. My docotor had my blood tested. I was at a level of an 8 year old girl at 255. Since then, he put me on a script for Androgel (5g 1%). After a month of one dose a day, I had my level tested again. It DROPPED from 255 to 211. He has now upped my dose to 10g a day to see if it helps.

    As a little back history, I had my blood tested earlier this year, while on a product called Tribestan. It's a natural supplement that tricks your body into producing more testosterone . My test levels were over 900. A short while later, around May, I did my one and only cycle (EVER) of Deca .

    My dilemma is I don't want to have my body shut down its production of testosterone, because I messed with it. I know to some, getting steroids from your doctor is a godsend. For a person like me, with a previously naturally high level of testosterone, I don't want to become dependent on gels and possibly shots to have any kind of sex drive and energy.

    Is there a way to "naturally" kick my testosterone into gear? I asked my doctor, who is a family practitioner, and he said he didn't think so. Does anyone have any advice?


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    chinups Guest
    I am currently reading this book because it was free, not sure if is what you are looking for or if it works but hey talk about raising own test levels, naturally. Could be bullshit but if this is happening to you it is worth a shot..

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    muscletwin, what did the two packs a day do for you?

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    Did you do pct after the deca ?


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    Work the legs.

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