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    How long before test levels recover from fina?

    Just wondering how long before test levels recover from fina?
    How long with the use of clomid?
    How long without the use of clomid?
    What are the chances of no recovery?
    Thanks bros

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    a week of clomid therapy. what the half life of fina? 3 days?

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    A WEEK.

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    It takes a lot longer then a week to recover HPTA function to normal levels from fina. Fina shuts people down very hard. It is almost impossible to say exactly when as age, cycle length, genetics. and drugs use all play big factors. I would say get a test done about three weeks after you finished your three week clomid therapy. You will recover without clomid but it will take much longer.

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    Rugby i ran a fina only cycle a while back without the use of clomid. My sex drive was at an all time low during the cycle and for about 1 month half-2 months after, I finally ragained my sex drive back full force, im not sure if that has anything to do with my test levels coming back, but i didn't loose any gains, strength/mass.

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    I'm going on 2.5 months and am still shut down. I actually started hitting HCG last night and will run 500iu's ED for 14 days with nolva and a little l-dex. Shit is getting OLD... Next time I'll be a believer in HCG and not just rely on Clomid.

    Yes I did Clomid, though had to stop a few days early.
    It was a very long cycle, over 15 weeks.
    I have NEVER fealt so depressed and bummed in my life.
    I will also be doing a 10mg DBol bridge in the AM starting in a couple of weeks.


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    I took Fina ed, for 2 and a half months. got shut down hard. I took clomid for two weeks(because thats all I had) and I lost all my gains plus more!!
    I shriveld up because of no natural test and alot of cortisone. My recemendation would be to do a good amount of nolva,clomid and hcg and keep an eye on your hair line.

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