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    What to use for AAS while taking Clen/T3 so I can preserve muscle?

    Anyone care to comment on whether or not they think the two used in the same cycle would be a waste given the similarity of the two? My guy just got his EQ in, and I am considering running it with the Primo and Winny I have. The following is how I am thinking about running my cycle it if I get the EQ:

    Primo 400mg 1-10 weeks
    EQ 400mg 1-10 weeks
    Winny 50mg 4-10 weeks (ED)

    Alternating T3/Clen for 2 weeks with Usnic Acid for the other 2 weeks

    My primary goal is to lose BF while preserving muscle. The main attraction for me with the addition of the EQ will be it's ability to make me hungry enough to eat enough protein and subsequently preserve/gain lean muscle. I know that a lot of people say that you should run some form of Test if you are taking T3 but I was thinking that at least the Primo/Winny should help me preserve lean muscle and adding EQ would even help me gain some, am I wrong in thinking this? Again, my goal is to harden and shape up...not blow up. Thanks for reading my post and if yyou have the time please post an comments or suggestions.

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    i wouldnt alternate t3 they work very differently, i would run the T3 for about 5 weeks or so using cyc method you can find in educational forum and run the clen 2 weeks on 1 week off there is really no need to alternate them, you may possibly find you get palpitations in that case you would need re think


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    I agree with OJ T3 is not something you want to do off and on. Run it straight through and alternate the clen .

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