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Thread: Cell receptors

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    Cell receptors

    Im pretty excited im going down to mexico in Jan to pick up some gear heres the stack im going to do

    sust500mg/week 1-10weeks
    deca400mg/week 1-10weeks
    d-bol30mg/day 1-4weeks
    oxandrolene30mg/day 5-10weeks
    winney 50mg/eod 7-10weeks
    clen 6tabs/eod 9-11weeks
    clomid50,100,50mg/ed 10-11weeks
    proviron 50mg/ed if needed
    nolvadex 20mg/ed if needed

    but heres the question after this bulking stack I want to do another but not right away i want to do a cutting cycle its like this
    Week 1-10 EQ 400mg-600mg per week
    Week 4-10 winny 50mg per week
    t 3 week 1-6
    Clen/ECA stack week 10 on.

    my bad heres the real question if i do winstrol in my last stack will my cell receptors be burnt out from it and the winney wont do shit or does it take a lot to burn out cell receptors

    basicaly the question im trying to ask is how much does it take to burn out cell receptors?

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    to help you i need to know your stat. you seem lost. howmany cycle have you done?
    here is your bulking cycle:

    sust500mg/week 1-10weeks...2 x week. this will keep your blood level as close to constance as possible.

    deca400mg/week 1-10weeks good
    d-bol30mg/day 1-4weeks good
    proviron 50mg/ed if needed good
    nolvadex 20mg/ed if needed good
    you don't need til the end. week 13(cuz deca ester) then start your clomid. i hate to explain this all the time. it takes 300 mg to start stimulates the FSH and LH which elevate the endogenous) natural test. MAKE SURE YOU SPREAD THE OUT THE DAY. then 100mg/day for a week. then 50mg/day for a week.
    At leaset you got the cutting concept down corectly. never ever, go from a bulking cycle to a cuting cycle. you need some time to rest in between. eat plenty but the right food. take sups to help them lb stay on. then we'll talk cutting bro.
    good luck.
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    always do winny 50mg ed That works best.

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