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    Scared of Sustanon gains.

    OK this may seem weird but I am scared of getting too big on my sust 500 10 week cycle with winny 50mg ed at week 6. To most people on this board this message might make me look like a pussy, but I think I look good right now and I am about as heavy as I want to be. So then most people ask why am I taking juice. Well I want to change the ratio or proportion of my body composition. I weigh 200 lbs 10% bf and am 6,2 23 years old. Humblely speaking I am very good looking and would hate to ruin my summer (Im in a diferent hemisphere) by looking huge and puffy. SHould I decrease my sust to 250 a week. I heard by doing this sometimes you dont even see any gains, so I guess Im just curious. Im continueing my sust 500 cycle but on extremely low cal intake. mostly protein shakes (protein powder, milk, banana, ice, water) , veggies, and meat. (with about 50 g of carbs after a heavy workout). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    take armidex, liquidex or a proviron /nolva combo to off set water, eat low sodium diet, drink plenty of water (your body holds less water when you are permanently hydrated).

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    Just because you're taking 500mg of test doesn't mean you'll gain 25lbs. I've seen people nag about gaining 5lbs because they weren't eating enough. I would think if you kept your diet clean and at 2500 calories, you can probalby gain a good 10lbs of lbm and not looking puffy, fat and bloated.

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