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    Question should i risk it or not??

    I am hoping to join the armed forces in september and im debating whether i should risk doing my 2nd cycle or not! My testing for entrance is set for around late april/may time! I have heard conflicted reports on the drug testing procedures! i have spoked to serving members from many countries as well as Brits. Its half and half as to whether they definatley test you or not! I spoke to an online careers guy about it but he clearly new jack sh1t about AS and the drugs policy, however he did send me a copy of the drugs policy which states that your ok aslong as you hav't taken anything since the policy was given to you on the time of enlisting! However i know detection times of AS are alot longer than many other drugs such as dope and crack!

    Right so what would you guys suggest? Would you just go for it as planned sorting out a cycle with AS's with detection times of less than 6 months? Leave it as its not worth the risk? Or sod the forces and become a road sweeper

    Any comments welcome either way!


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    I wouldn't risk my future for one cycle that you could start after you joined the forces.

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    I wouldn't

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