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Thread: keto on cycle

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    keto on cycle

    I was thinking of using a keto diet on my eq test winny stack. Would this work? Or I was thinking of running it just when I started the winny?Im looking to cut more then put on mass right now

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    i don't know a single thing about using juice but i do know that, training naturally, using a keto diet to cut is very very lousy because your energy level/your stamina goes down a freaking lot during workouts

    when you cut you want to continue to hit the muscles as hard as you can, being so low on carbs its kinda hard

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    yah, but its a great diet to get lower bf, very few pros or anyone for that matter get their bf that low without depleting and manipulating low carb diets...iill be trying it later on in my cycle fina/winny if i ever get better (i think maybe the fina is making me sick), also i was reading earlier that it is easier to cut down and 'then' put on the mass, their (testosterone magazine) reasoning was that when somewhat fat or fat people try to put on mass generally observed they put on more fat than they would like whereas a slimmer person with lower body fat doing a mass cycle would gain less fat...just some thought, good luck

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    Yes it would work assuming your total calories would be above your maintenance you would still get gains, as a matter of fact Dave Palumbo advocates that kind of diet with only a few carb meals a week. I have tried to do it before and i feel it worked great kept me lean but still got some gains, i had carbs after every workout (rice cakes) and cxarbs on saturdays....good luck...XXL

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