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    Going to New Zealand

    I am going to New Zealand soon and have a bit of a problem. I am using supra 425 and need to inject eod, but I will begone for 2 weeks. Does anyone know how dangerous it would be to pack a couple of preloaded shots in my suitcase?

    I was thinking that they don't really check your suitcase when leaving the U.S. as much as they do when you return.

    Or, if that isn't a sane possiblity, are pins legal to buy over the counter in N.Z.? And, if so any good ideas about how to smuggle the test alone? I was thinking I would put it into some sort of plastic container and carry it in my underwear or something.

    Any ideas would be great!!! I really don't want to screw up this cycle.

    PS - Is there anything fun available in N.Z. that is illegal here in the states?

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