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Thread: anti e question

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    anti e question

    whats up guys i havent posted for a while--anyway i had to stop a cycle short because of an injury. i went through 6 weeks of eq at 400, 300 the last two weeks, and its been about 2 weeks now since my last injection and i need to start an anti-e, i think i may be feling some symptons of gynbo, my chest is sore around my nipple area and it has been sensitive they have been sensitive the past couple days before this. my question is what is the best anti -e to take for this? shoudl i just go with clomid, or should i take clomid with arimadex? someone please gimme some advice, im gettina lil nervous and want to start therapy asap.

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    30mg nolvaldex now. then 20 mg/ed til symtom disappear. if you got clomid throw it in the mix.

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