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    My 2nd Cycle Draft- Test/Fina/Dbol

    Cycle 2 (first guess): Strength, Size, Hardness

    Wks 1-4: Dbol 30-40mg ed (Thais)
    Wks 1-8: Prop/susp 100mg ed (1/2ml) 1ml=200mg(100 of ea)
    Wks 1-8: Fina 75mg ed
    Wks 1-8: Arimidex .5mg ed

    Wks 9-11: 300 mg Clomid (1st day), 100 mg Clomid (next 10 days),
    50 mg Clomid (last 10 days)

    Nolva on hand (20 mg/day if needed)

    Just to clarify, the test prop/susp at 1/2ml ed should come to 700mg of test/wk. I wanted to consider a shorter cycle this time - first one was 12 wks (test/deca /dbol). I thought about throwing in EQ at 400 mgs wks 1-8 since my appetite suffered beginning mid way in my first cycle. I would have to adjust my clomid start time back if I did that. Right now, I am 5'9, 205, bf 13% with 1 cycle under my belt. My diet is probably my weakest pt.

    Should I extend the clomid an extra wk since I am doing fina for 8 wks?

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Looks good, the only thing i would change is to extend the adex through clomid.

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    Originally posted by skii96
    Looks good, the only thing i would change is to extend the adex through clomid.
    Agreed. Might wanna get some bromo on hand in case of fina gyno. Other than that cycle looks good.

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