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    Good or bad idea

    My buddy was originally going to run 8 weeks of 75mg tren Ed and 100mg prop Ed.
    Now he wants to do:
    150mg Tren ED 4 weeks
    200mg prop ED 4 weeks

    WHich cycle will give better results?
    I've read that you need to be on tren for at least 6-8 weeks to get good results, but then again I haven't heard of anyone taking such a high dose like he wants to do.

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    I really hate the idea of short cycles, even when fast acting compounds are used. Think about it, your body needs enough time to adapt to any new growth, so the new gains can become permeanant. I dont see how 4 weeks of anything could give permeanant and significant gains. Also, I have heard that more than 100mg of finaplix is a waste! This is the opinions of some experts, so im just a messanger here! 200mg of prop and 150mg fina pd is ALOT. I would spread this cycle to a minimum of 8 weeks and I wont think twice about it!

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    Tell him to go with cycle #1 (the 8 week one). Running those doses your buddy is gonna just give himself more side effects than results unless he has a ton of cycles under his belt. 200mg prop ED = 1.4g/wk test and 150mg ED fina = 1.05g/wk fina. Totally unnecessary IMO.

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