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    injection leakage?

    When I inject my sust at 250 mgs, I do it slowly but when I pull out my needle, swiftly, I get a little blood obviously, but there is a littel bit of a clear substance right along with the first bit of blood, is this my sustanon leaking out? I used a 1 1/2 inch needle..... if this is my sustanon leaking out, how do I prevent it? I might not be getting the full amount I need........
    please help guys.

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    it happens to most people bro. what i do is before the injection i tear up the alcohol swap and let it sit there accesable asap. then when i pull out i take it and firmly press against it for awhile like you massaging it. after that i just a bandage on it.

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    There's a technique of injecting where you sorta roll the area where you're gonna inject into over a bit, then inject, then withdraw the needle, and just as the needle comes out you release where you've been holding so it rolls right back to where it was, and the hole in the skin moves away from the hole you punched in your muscle, and everything stays inside, no muss no fuss . . . I don't do it, though, 'cause luckily I don't have that problem. I may be old but I don't leak (yet) . . .

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    dude if it was a tiny bit dont worry, apply pressure to the site post injection for a few secs,

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