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    blood pressure thru the roof

    I went to the Doc for a "work" physical...and my blood pressure was through the roof...152/80! He took a step back..smacked the wrist meter he used to test me, switched it out , again..151/82...He had me lay down for 30 minutes, relax..His hot nurse was not helping any.she kept rubbing me head! Anyway...after half an hour, there was no change. I know that AAS can cause elevated blood pressue, and on my previous cycles, my BP always went up. My colesterol was way low, liek 180..I asked him to check my Test levels, and he said they were high..Of course! I stay away from booze, and excessive salt, what are some good ways to keep your BP in check? thanks for any info!

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    I agree with dick it's not that high. My bro's Bp is always in the 150 range over 80 .

    160 i believe is hypertension 1
    Your diastolic at 80 is bang on so i wouldn't worry about it.
    Just make sure you monitor it while juicin thats all


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    Your doctor probably got concerned about those numbers because you are so young. Long term, one would not want to see numbers like that. In your case, assuming you are on a cycle now, the blood pressure should go down on its own when you finish. Most doctors would not treat numbers like that with medication. I agree, salt reduction, getting enough sleep, avoiding stimulants ( smoking, caffeine, ephedrine) may help.

    Don't neglect the possibility that the steroids may have nothing to do with your blood pressure. Some people get high blood pressure at an early age. You may be one of those people, especially if it runs in your family. So, don't blow this off. Make sure you get your BP checked off-cycle.

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    180/110 try to beat that!

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    Damn 3vandoo! I hit 178/90 last month. But usually I spent the last 3 months ranging from 150/70 - 180/90. Right now I think I'm in the 150's / 70's

    Take it easy Bama, no worries. 150 isn't anything to get too worried about

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