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Thread: Cycle help

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    Exclamation Cycle help

    Hey, im 5'7 160, ive lost alot of weight lately usaly im around 165 to 170, im lookin into takin a cycle and i have the one i wanna do , but i wanted to throw in some GH into it, i just wanted to know what u thought of the cycle and putin int he GH, and if you could help me wiht the amount of gh to throw in

    test Prop/1-10wks-EOD=150mgs

    if youve tried somthin like this befor or with some GH in it can u give me some feed back

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    bro GH is really for experienced usesrs ,get ur diet and trainingin check ,try a cycle and wait on the gH ,have u even thought ur cycle out bro ??did u even look into this ??first i dont know ur cyle hirtory or training experince.Gh needs to be ran a min of 4 months ,and if ur nit runnin slin with it ,need s lots of test ,here try this and let me know how it works and leave the rest for later before u mess ur self up .
    prop 1-13 100 mg eod
    eq 1-10 400 mg
    winn 8-13 50mg ed,clomid right after u last hit of winn ,or actually 48 hrs .makes ure u have antiess on hand

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    What is your past cycle history? That would be my first question to you, also, what is the reasoning behind your cycle? It is very poorly planned.

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    How old are you?


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