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Thread: cycle and gyno

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    cycle and gyno

    Hey guys I need some help. Im doing my second cycle and im doing test 250 and deca . I need suggestions on how to take it and what to do aobut anti-e's and post cycle. I did a 8 week cycle of test 200 and eq and i had decent gains but my nipples have become puffy from this cycle and I was not able to get any novladex. I now can get it, should i start taking it now, i am only on my 3rd week of my cycle. Any suggestions? I need as much info as I can get. Post? Anti-e's? HELLLLPPPP

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    If your prone to gyno, I'd take the nolvadex ED at 10mg.
    Otherwise, wait for symptoms then take it at 50mg ED.

    For clomid..wait 3 weeks after your last injection. Then take 300mg for 1 day, 100mg for 10 days, and 50mg for 10 days.

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