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Thread: test question

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    test question

    I am running test enanth at 500mgs a week. About how long does that take to kick in and have any of you ever had good results running test enanth by itself?

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    Well, it's different from person to person. It took me three weeks before I noticed a difference but it's usually atleast 2 weeks or more. If your trying to get ripped, test enanthate is good. But if your trying to get big add some oral products and stack it. Also, if this is your first time, you'll gain some lbs anyways but not as much as would with an oral product or stacking it. Best regards

    The diabolical minded,

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    took me bout 4-5 weeks, usually 3-4 observed, i didn't really like enant along with eq, but my appetite wasn't on point, probably what the problem was, best of luck

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