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    Question cycle critique!!

    ok for my next upcomming cycle i plan on running
    d-bols 35mg 1-4
    deca 300mg 1-10
    sus 750mg 1-15

    does the cycle look ok or would it be good to throw in some winny or anavar in the end. I was think not to because of the stress on my liver. so I was thinking maby running a d-bol bridge all the way to my next cycle which would be a cutting cycle. i will have bromo on hand, clomid and nolva. is there any suggestions to what else i might need or add???. i am pretty set on running the sus and deca together. oh, this is my 3rd cycle and i am 27 and 5'5" 170lbs.
    also i have a little bit of fat around my obliques, should i try and get my body fat down with some clen before i start this cycle??

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    bro first off id bump the deca up to 400 ,dont worry bout the sides the dose is way low and ur runnin enough test .so thatw ont be a problem .why 15 ?personlay id run 12 weeks of both ,and yes i would run the winny or var at the end ,1,soilidify ur gains ,2,run it 3 weeks past ur last injection (s)and start ur clomid thereappy right after ,dont worry about liver stress bro theres plenty of time between the dbol and the winn or var ,the hypotixicity od the 2 is way overexagerated ,specaily on the var that wayyy mild eventhough its u have me confused ,ur worried about liver stress and ur talkin about bridging with dbol all the way till ur next cycle ??still 10 mg ,in the morn but still !Then u talk about fat around the obliques ,i would thing with the above u are wanting to bulk correct ??well why are u worried about the fat at ur obliques ,ur gonna get it back ,so loosing it before would be piontless,(make sense ?_).

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    i think what i going to do is keep the d-bold dosages the same and run the sus eod for 12 weeks and add anavar at the end or winny at the end and not do the bridge. also i might step up the deca to 12 weeks and run it at 400mg.-- sounds good big n!! thanks
    what would you run the winny at??
    or the var???, or what would you recomend
    winny 50mg eod??

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    I'd throw some Winny in at the end. Winny at the end of any cycle helps me alot in gains keeping.
    Run it for 5 weeks @ 50mgs e/d.

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