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    Question post cycle question

    Happy Holidays all!

    Hope everyone had a good one.

    Question - Took last inject of 300mg Deca and 500mg (1.25cc) T-400 Dec 9th. It has been 2 and a half weeks. Starting clomid tomorrow. I have been advised 2 weeks after last inject and 3 weeks, so I figured I would split it. Question is. I have 30 50mg Clomid Tabs. Should I run them 300mg Day 1, 100mg for days 2-9 and 50mg for days 10-17? Or is there a better pattern? Thanks

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    gosh, with deca id wait 4 weeks, i just replied to a post like this not too long ago (so im guessing you didn't search much), but nevertheless, the decanoate ester is a long one, lasting up to 4 weeks, in which case you should wait at least 4 weeks before administering clomid, whats the point of trying to recover the hpta with significant ammounts of androgens floating around, its pretty much negating the purpose, so wait the 4 weeks, make sure androgens are low enough to not be exhibiting negative influence and then recover your system, best of luck

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    again, Nandrolone decanoate half life is some wher 5 -7 days. itdoesn't mean that the drug is gone in your system. it means half of it is remain and less and less remain active in your body. i tell you what wait for 4 weeks then sart your comid thrapry. if you can get a hold of HCG then use it in the mean time. it kick ass.

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    What about Boldenone Undecanoate? 4 weeks at least? Dose dependent? My last Eq shot was 17 days ago and feeling much better this week than usual. I was running at 300mg per week. I have to slap my hands to stop from taking the Clomid now...

    I know it was f'ed up - post finding AR and gathering much needed edumacation. Long ester anabolics... I paid outrageous gym prices too - to top it off. But it was a post Prednisone rehab for me

    Deca : 800/400/400/400/400/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---
    Primo: 600/300/300/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---
    Equip: ---/---/---/---/100/300/300/300/300/300/300/300/300

    17 days since last Eq shot and feeling pretty good... wait?
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