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    1st timer needs advise

    I am about to start my 1st cycle. I want to keep it light to see how my body reacts to the gear. I dont want to gain a huge amount 10-15lbs, but I want to keep it.

    1-8 primo depot 300/week
    5-9 winny depot 50/eod

    I have clomid on hand, some say I need it some say I don't, not sure.
    I am 6'3" 280lbs 15%bf, naturally. I have a good frame to start from. I just want quality rather than quanity. Like I said this is going to be my first cycle, and I dont want to gain a huge amount of wieght, just 10-15lbs.
    Any advise please.

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    For 10-15 pounds, on a first timer cycle - go with this:

    Week 1-2: 100mg Test Prop EOD
    Week 1-8: 250mg Test Enanth
    Week 12: Start Clomid/Clen Therapy

    This was my first cycle. Worked great, gained about 3 pounds for the first 2 weeks, and 2 pounds each week after until the end. Dropped about 6 pounds at the very end, most I feel was fat and water.

    So all and all, this cycle put 12 solid pounds, sounds just like what you're looking for. You're prolly looking at 120$ for all that gear, not too shabby for 12 solid pounds with practically zero sides. Good luCk

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    I like "test only" cycles for alot of beginners. Maybe 500mg/wk for 10-12wks.

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