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    Finally ready for 1st cycle

    Hey board,
    Finally looking to do a cycle. Just turned 21. Since last september put on around 35 pounds just eating hard. Want to incorporate my good habits learned with some AS. At 200lbs now looking to go up to 225. Need advice on a novice cycle. Have been thinking of running deca and sust for 10 weeks. Possibly d-bol weeks 1-4, not sure though looking for input on that. Sustanon 250 mgs per week and Deca 200 mgs per week. Clomid like this, 14 days after your last Sustanon/Deca will take 100 mgs of Clomid per day for 7 days then 50 mgs per day for the following 14 days. A total of 28, 50 mg Clomid tabs are needed. Been trying to put on weight naturally for so long, but now asking for help on this first cycle. Thanks guys

    P.s. - PM me if it looks like you can help out.

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    No offense bro, but if you put on 35 lbs by just eating right & training, you're doing something right - so no need to start a cycle just yet. I'd keep up with your routine, whatever it may be, until you hit that plateau - then use the AS to get over the peak.

    The d-bol is a good jumpstart for that Deca / Sus cycle.

    You are aware of the "sus flu" right ?? Just a consideration before you start shootin yourself. I won't go back to Sus b/c of it.

    As for the dosages, they could possibly be raised a little too. I know it's your first cycle and all, but if you're lookin for a good 25 lbs, up them just a little bit.

    As for the clomid, some people prefer 300 mg day 1, 100 mg for the next 10 days, 50 mg for the next 10 days.

    Do you have any other ancillaries on hand just in case you start gettin gyno ???

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