I am on my first cycle of test cyp and deca at 300mg/week each.
i am in week 6 of the deca and week 5 of the test.

I am only starting to feel a little stronger and no gains yet .I am not piggin out though,i am still eating very clean but about 3000 cals . I am 5'8" 175 lbs 10%bf. 31 yrs old

Anyways my question is that the original plan was to end the deca at week 10 and the test at week 11 ( 10 weeks each)
But now was tinkering with idea of extending the test for 2-3 weeks or maybe even go with a shorter acting ester. (prop),or winny etc

Just lookin for some advice /suggestions
is it a good idea to extend on a first cycle or should i leave it alone ?
should i increase my dosage or wait it out?
My eating workin out and sleeping is all bang on.