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    deca & sust gains??? how much how fast?

    this is for a buddy of mine

    he is on a 8 weeks cycle of

    sustenon 500

    and deca 300

    it is his first cycle and he is on the third week,

    how much mass and strength should he be seeing by now ?? he hasn't gained a whole lot, maybe 8 lbs..

    how much should he be seeing on the third fourth week and overall???

    how much total at end with clomid for post cycle recovery????


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    well the sust and deca are just now kicking in...give it time..if he doesn't see result's in strength and size within the next 3 weeks...tell him to go and kick his sources ass.. how well he eats and how hard he trains is the determining factor in strength and size gains..if it's his first cycle he should gain about 20 - 25 lbs...Madmax..

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    i agree with madmax. the juice will just now be kicking in. i ran the same cycle and got my best results in weeks 7 and 8. however i ran the cycle for 10 weeks, which you might consider. but my gains: 19 pounds of which i kept and strength as well.

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