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Thread: no gains yet?

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    no gains yet?

    I have been doing 500mg of sust and 400 mg of deca for about 5 weeks now. I am getting a little worried. I put on about 7 pounds in the first week wich I am sure was just from the increase in food, but I haven't put on a pound since then. I am in the gym everyday and am eating a good amount. I know the stuff isn't fake because my buddy is doing the exact same stuff and he has gone from 195 to about 220, he is on week 6. Should I be worried or am I just being impatient?
    Also I know that lifting twice a day is not good under normal circumstances , but I have heard that it is ok when on juice, is this true?

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    If you're still not gaining, bump up your eatting again. If you eat more calories than your body consumes, you'll gain weight - period.

    As far as working out the same muscle twice a day, some do it - some don't. Just got to listen to your body.

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    It should be kicking in any day now. I think of you are going hard 2X a day, that it might be a bit much depending on how many sets you are doing. It is harder to overtrain on juice, but you CAN overtrain. I did a similar cycle and had to wait to week 5 to see anything.

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    may be ok for some may not be ok for others....
    i find i gain better on cycle when i hit body parts 2 times a week...

    really beat the fuck out of myself...

    but id overtrain when off cycles....

    As for you not gaining, id say up your like 1-2k....

    Should pack on some weight.

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    Adaptions, this is off subject, but damn, that girl on your avatar is Smooookin!!!!!!!!!!!! who is that?

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    TTTT: You beat me to the punch...every time i see the damn avatar I piss myself and forget who I am for an hour or so...well, maybe not, but you get the idea.

    Adaptations: what about the arrogance quote...given what proceeds it, i'm guessing something from the godfather? Though, aside from the word "way", it has a certain Nietzsche ring to it.
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