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    Everyone's Favorite??

    What's up fellow gear heads! Just wanted to know what everyone's favorite cutting cycle is ? What were the doses and results? Peace...

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    this isnt my favorite but it was effective at cutting me up but a lot of it has to do with your diet but this is a old cycle i did and it worked great at cutting up
    600mg eq wk1-12
    500mg t2oo wk1-12
    winny 50mg edwk10-15

    I did learn that always run eq at least 15 weeks cause eq always kicks in for me aroun wk6 or 7.

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    this is a pretty efective one if u train good n eat right

    2 weeks (clenbuterol 0.04 mcg tabs)
    take 1 tab a day till u reach day 6 n keep it at 6 tabs till u get to da end of the 2 weeks. do not take clen after 2 weeks take 2 weeks off n on the

    2 weeks off use Ephedrine,asprin,caffine
    take 25 mg of ephedrine, wit some 300 mg of caffine or 1 thick cup of coffie, n for asprin take the kids one that comes in a green bottle. after those 2 weeks start back on clen for the next 2 then back to E.C.A.

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