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    cardio while bulking

    hi all i will begin my bulking cycle in 9 days and i dont want to gain too mush fat while bulking + i want to get rid of the fat arround my belly so do advise me to do cardio?and if yes how can i do it i mean day/week?time?intense cardio(run fast) or volume cardio?

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    if yoiu insist on doing cardio (which will usually slow down muscle gains) do it in the morning on an empty stomach after taking some ECA stack, do the treadmill at a 70% heart rate, which is usually a brisk walk. this will make sure you burn fat and not muscle. good luck. oh, and try to do your cardio no more than an hour and as far apart from lifting as possible.

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    i have read that cardio is good for gain muscles.. an high intensity cardio (only 15 minutes) 8 hours before or after workout does not affect the muscles and the body is an fatburning machine 24h/day

    correct me if thats bullshit

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