this will be my 3rd 5'11 203lbs 13% b/f @ 25years old. I WANNA GET TO 220!!! SOLID!!! This will be my first time using Fina and EQ. Im gonna go with 750mg's/week of test...3 iu's of HGH/day for atleast 3months....and whats a good dosage with Fina and EQ per week? And will is hurt to go with a 10 week cycle? Worth it? Im used to shootin up in my shoulder and quad....will it be ok to stay with those spots or should or do i need to shoot up in more areas? Im also thinkin of makin my own Fina. Anyone have experience? Easy to do? Seemed pretty simple to me.
DIET: 4000+ calories a day
SLEEP: atLEAST 8hrs/day
TRAIN: like a madman....always sore the dayafter
Pu-Tang: ATLEAST 5x's a week!!!
South FLA