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    Question cleansing ** oils

    I received my ** oils. I have decided to transfer the oils into 100ml vials and use a syringe filter. I was wondering if baking is needed. If so would I do the same as homemade fina? 250 F for fifteen minutes three times. Would this damage it? Is the alcohol BA? I understand the lattice energy for BA is pretty high (4ooF) so the Fina would not be hurt at this level but would the sus and EQ?
    Also How good is the EQ from this source?
    Thanks everyone!

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    In a cold dark hole in total isolation.

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    there is really no need to sterilize eye pee's oils, as they contain so much BA anyways, but running his oils through a filter is a good idea though as i had some floaties in my sust300.
    personally i don't like his stuff at all, IMO his cyp and sust are way underdosed, i gained more off 500mg of omnadrens than "900mg" of his sust, and more off 600mg brovel t200(which is underdosed anyways) than 750mg of his cyp.
    although i really do like his d-bol.

    from now on i am only running home made gear which is cheaper than **'s and i know whats in the shit.

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    Filtering with a .45 and even a .2 filter is a good idea for chinese gear.

    As for the baking, it's not really necessary, but if it makes you feel better...

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