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Thread: fina with dmso?

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    fina with dmso?

    hey guys i did my research and searches and i got bits and peaces of info about how to use dmso with fina can ne 1 that used it or knows how give me a step by step on how to do it? how long should you rub it in ect? (i know injecting is better but plz anser)

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    Check your PMs


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    Oh man, i was not even gonna respond to this thread, but i felt like i had to. Jackman i was once a newbee myself. And with being a newbee comes asking dipshit questions that can be obtained with a little gadget we here like to call "the search button."

    Nevermind. I had a long ass speech prepared for just your ass, but i don't feel like typing it out just for you. It was highly flammable And flamming is not something that this board is about.

    Im sorry man. I reallly am. It's just that i have seen this same fucking question like 6 times in a week all from newbees. If im wrong please don't hesitate to tell me so. You can flame Buff because he says, that he like it

    I guess with my senior citizen status i have become an old grumpy bastard.
    Peace out

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    Bro,.............................. suck it up and inject the fina. If you dont like needles your in the wrong place. BigMike is right this is the 5-6th time I have seen this same kind of post in two weeks. SEARCH BUTTON

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    I,ve responded and posted several times on how to do this step by step,hit the search or check out my my past post.the info is all there!

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