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    intro/greetings( & 1st cycle advice sought)

    1st off-howdy ur board...i've been looking around/reading & researching for a # of weeks at various boards(got fina,anabolic -paradise,mesorx,elite)& i'd say u guys have one of the best!

    i'm in the(late,i hope)planning stages of my 1st cycle & wanted to get some opinions/advice/experience of some AR members(i've already gotten some good feedback from some experinced bros at gotfina but i thought i'd seek a few more opinions to be sure)before finalizing...

    quick info that may be relevant about me..
    43 years old....6'-170ish(ectomorph) w/about 5 years lifting experience all together....took a loong time off & just got back into regular workouts a couple of monthes ago....i plan to get a couple more monthes(at least 6 weeks)behind me to tweak my workouts,eating,etc..& rebuild some base before starting..i think thatll be sufficient to get back in the ballpark of my natural muscle wt setpoint what w/muscle memory & all..

    my goals for the cycle are quality mass ie..i'd like to stay relatively lean vs bulk up heavy & cut & most importantly i'd like to make keepable *gains...

    heres what i have so far:
    8 week cycle
    -test(ICN Galenika Enanthate or Testex Elmu Cypionate or Organon Sustanon assuming my source checks pan out.....i'm leaning towards th enan or the cyp)@ 500mg a week
    -fina@75-100mg eod(possibly bumped to 150eod after i get a feel for it)
    -liquidex(all the way thru for test sides?)
    -bromo(all the way for fina/prog related sides?)
    -nolva on hand for insurance & for post cycle therapy (although lots of guys say clomid according to lots of others its redundant with the nolva which has almost the same effect/action--opinions?)
    -hcg ,maybe,to jump start my nads?
    -various other things for various other reasons-magnesium/cramps,b5/acne,multi vitamin & mineral along with xtra b-c-e etc..etc..

    *i plan to drink at least a gallon of water a day
    *i plan to gradually increase calories =get protein at least 5x per day from day 1 & gradually increase carbs & fat,maybe adjusting the carbs according to body composition ie. if i start getting "chubby" reduce the carbs &/or fat...

    i'd really appreciate some experience & opinions on what i've got so far but esp. on the anti e's & post cycle hpta stuff.......

    thx a lot for all the info u guys share to help us newbies who're trying to figure out "how to tell our ass from a whole in the ground"

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