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Thread: ephedra?

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    hey guys some guy at my gym said he has ephdra the pure form of ephedrine i guess.... he said take that with aspirin and a caffien pill and youll loose fat like crazy and i was wondering if ne 1 has done that or if clen works better

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    I have done both.
    you can do both n it should look somthing like this

    Clenbuterol 140 mcg a day but be sure to start at 1 day n move up by 1 until u get to day 6. but if u have the .40 mcg tabs then only take 3 a day for 2 weeks

    ephedrine on your 2 weeks off. take 40 mg a day with caffine and asprin for 2 weeks then after 2 weeks do clen again.

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