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Thread: sust/winny

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    Yo i am going to do a six week sust winny cycle
    Sust at 250/375/500/500/375/250 and 25mg of winny ed i will inject hcg at 500 iu every ten days. i will use clomid 2 tabs a day for 1 week and 1 tab a day for the second week. I have proviron on hand just incase of bitch side effects. how does this sound to you guys.

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    frontload sust at 500 for three weeks and then tamper off, shoot 4 times a weeks, for optimal effects. winny is good but you might what to up the dose to 50mg ed

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    If you want to do a 6 week cycle, do winny/prop, not winny/sust, sust takes 3-4 wks to kick in, running it for 6 wks with tapered dosages is a waste. You don't need HCG in a 6 week cycle, clomid will be fine. What is your past cycle experience/other stats?

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