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Thread: fina and cyp

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    fina and cyp

    Hey every one , well my next cycle consist of test cyp and fina, i am gona be running 400 mgs a week of test a week and 75 mg of fina eod for 5 weeks, a friend of mine told me i should run the fina the first 5 weeks, so is he correct or should i run it throught week 5 - 10 , he said it helps prevent lose of sex drive

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    typically the first three weeks on fina are just the warm up.
    I didnt feel the true cycle effects until the start of week 4.

    if you are going to do fina EOD choose 150mgs which will give you 75mgs ED which is the perfect amount for most people.

    I would seriously stop and research. Your friend doesnt seem to know much about what he is telling you. Please dont get offended, just speaking the truith here.

    The test you are adding will keep you from having the dreaded Fina dick,

    Do you have your anti E's already purchased? whats your stats,cycle exp and diet?

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    I agree with Buddha the test amount sounds good but 75 eod you will notice some gains but 150 eod will be optimal. Remember 75 mg ed is the normal amount people use.

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    with test i would think even 100mlg eod would do the job

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    i did one cylce before, 250 mg sust 250 , gained a good 25 - 30 pounds , kept 20 of it , i did do a shot of fina once during that cycle and it gave me a big boost for that one day , so i wana go low , i dont wana use to much yet i wana start out slow, i think the shot i did last cycle was eather 50 or 75 mg, you never know like every one said in this board , it could be enough for me ,

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