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    200 mg of test enathate

    has anyone here ever done this amount and still got good results.

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    Do you mean 200mg/week? For what length of time are we talking? I have used 400mg/week along with deca an had great results, but then again I have a few cycles under my belt. If it is your first ever cycle, your diet is immaculate, your training is spot on, and genetics are not an issue then you could definately yield results with a dosage this low...however you would see better results with 400mg/week with no more risk. BTW...if you run test you will also need arimidex (or nolvadex ) and clomid.

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    my 1st cycle was test e at 400mg per week by itself. for 10 weeks, 1 inj per week. i gained 23 lbs.

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