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    Question What do you think about my second cycle

    First of all i am 6' 220, and my second cycle looks like this:

    Test Enathate 500mg/wk weeks 1-11
    Equipose 400mg/wk weeks 1-10
    Dianabol 37.5mg/ED weeks 1-4.5
    Clomid two weeks after last Test injection.

    What do you think I can expect from this cycle? Im hoping to gain and keep 20 pounds? Do you think this is possible? Thanks for your opinions.

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    Looks good Bro


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    I was 173 5'9 at the time of my last cycle and it was
    400EQ/TE w/dbol @37.5
    Let me tell you the enan didnt do shit for me that I couldnt do for myself naturally and with an intense game face. I did 2 other cycles w/ test so I have soemthin to compare it to. The lengths of the EQ/TE are the exact same as what your plannin. The only wieght I gained was from the dbol in the first 3 weeks 12lbs! In retrospect I would have done at least at least 600mg. For serious gains I would do 7 or 800. THen I might have gotten consistent gains per week after the 3week mark.

    Think about it, I am a bit smaller than you and it didnt really work as well as what Im used to. How many cycles yoo done did? Make sure you have enough to bump it to 700 if you have a few cycles under your belt before you start or else you might be in the same boat as I was, 6weeks into a cycle that cost a bit that didnt perform as well as it could have. I hop e this helps so that you get the most out of it. There I go ramblin again....
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    Wait until week 15 to start the clomid.
    I like that cycle - i've done 2 like that this year almost the exact same doses. You'll like it.

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    looks good

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