Well thursday was week 4 of 10 on 500mg test enanthat and 300mg deca . Started at 23yr 18%bf 5'8" 175lbs now at 193 no bloating or side effects yet. Hoping to hit 215 by end of feb. then cut up for summer time. I want to take march-may off and start an 8 week cutting cycle but i cant decide what to stack there are so many different cutting cycles out there. Assuming I hit 215 w 18%bf what will melt off the fat and get me hard the quickest. I plan on early morning empty stomach cardio 4 days a week W/ a low fat low carb diet. I was planning on a higher rep lower weight workouts, I am curently 6-8 reps heavy everything.

Any advice would be great thanks

Sgt Hill