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    Unhappy Help??!! Please??

    Hey Guys And Gals. I have a Question for ya. I work outa town and theres no gym. I live basically out of a motel. I use to work out at Golds and used sust. and anadrol . I'm wanting to start back but I'm limited to exercise. I'm at the motel for 4 to 5 days aweek.I have some dumbbells and I was wandering would it be smart to do one shot of sust a week and take 1 anadrol per day for 5 days a week?Do you think I'd get enough of a workout to be worth the use of ( helpys?) I'ts also cold here so getting out much is going to be hard, for getting cardio. Does this make since? Thanks!!

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    I'm assuming you're bulking - your diet will determine how much weight you put on - your exercise routine will determine how much muscle that weight becomes. Your genetics makes a big difference. I wouldn't do that because it would do me little good to juice and not workout hard. Yes the dumbbells are better than nothing but it wouldn't do anything for me personally - mostly my legs would get nothing.
    You could buy a soloflex and bring that with you to the motel. It's light and it'll give you a decent workout.
    Don't do one shot of sustenon a week. You should be sticking it every-other-day of every-third-day at the least frequent just because of the short-acting esters in it. I guess you're thinking that you won't have to travel with pins and vials if you stick it on weekends. It'll workbut you're better off to take one pre-loaded pin with you and stick one vial twice a week. Half a vial 4 times a week would be even better.

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