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Thread: EQs

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    What does EQ stand for? How should it be taken, how many mg a week? I only have 9 weeks to finish it, what would you recommend? I plan on stacking it with Sus over these 9 weeks? Can anyone w/ experience give me a way to take it please?

    Thank You

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    eq=equipoise , only way to take it is injecting, dosage from 200-600mg a week, stacking with sus would definately give u better gains, just the eq alone will barely give u anything in terms of gains....

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    kk already answered this, but i thought i would add.. anything less than 400mg/week with eq is worthless, the main ingredient in 'eq' is boldeneone undecylanate, and is already mentioned stacks well with test and will yield better results, a 9 week cycle of eq is 'ok', optimum is 12 weeks and personally id run 16 or 20...

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